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PBIFAF Postponed Until 2023
Robert Loughry | December 29, 2021
Robert Loughry
December 29, 2021

Palm Beach, FL – Due to the most recent increase in COVID-19 cases around the world, Next Level Fairs announces the postponement of the Palm Beach International Fine Art Fair (PBIFAF), scheduled to take place February 3-7, 2022, at the Palm Beach County Convention Center.

“Today the United States set a new record for Covid-19 cases as did Florida. The test infection rate was up 329% yesterday. Palm Beach was in the area of the highest rate of infections. The CDC forecast is that the next 4-6 weeks will be an extremely difficult period in the United States. Covid in Florida is expected to peak in February concurrent with our scheduled fair dates and continue high through March.

As organizers, we are extremely pleased that we were able to recruit outstanding galleries as participants for 2022. We recognize, however, that our dealers incur both time and significant expense in fair participation and require a reasonable attendance for financial success. If foreign dealers become infected during their visit, it is also possible that they would not be able to return to their home country as scheduled. Due to the situation, there has been a reluctance among many foreign dealers to come to the United States at this time. We personally know the seriousness of Covid – past dealer clients who were also friends passed away from Covid this year.

Unfortunately, although Florida has the least restrictions of any state, we believe that attendance would be seriously adversely affected under these circumstances. There is clearly a danger of infection at this time for exhibitors and attendees no matter the precautions. Because many residents are older, they are being especially cautious under the circumstances and limiting their activities.

After considering the above, in the interest of our dealers, we have decided to postpone PBIFAF until 2023. All dealer payments will be fully refunded. In recognition of the same facts, major international fairs such as TEFAF, BRAFA, and the Winter Antiques Show have also been postponed.” – David and Lee Ann Lester, Principals

PBIFAF 2023 will take place on January 25-30, 2023 at the Palm Beach County Convention Center and additional information on how to participate will be forthcoming.


  1. Chris Eliades

    Hi Lee Ann,

    Are there still VIP passes available for the opening night in February?
    I would like 4 if possible.

    Thank you

    • Robert Loughry

      Thank you for messaging us and leaving a comment. As of yesterday, the decision was made to postpone PBIFAF 2022 until 2023. Reports and studies regarding the recent rise in COVID cases has prompted our decision. We hope to see you at the fair Jan 25-30, 2023.

      Robert Loughry
      Marketing & Communications Manager
      Next Level Fairs


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