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Next Level Fairs Announces PBIFAF, Feb. 3-7, 2022
David and Lee Ann Lester | October 26, 2021
David and Lee Ann Lester
October 26, 2021

David and Lee Ann Lester – organizers of more than 100 International fine art fairs since 1991 – are pleased to present the Palm Beach International Fine Art, a new and highly innovative art fair concept in the Palm Beaches, Feb 3-7, 2022.

This year’s fair is comprised of many PBIFAF exhibitors from previous years and new dealers representing the leading international experts in old masters, post-impressionists, modern masters, post-WW2, and contemporary art. Included are leading dealers in antiquities, fine art object d’ art, rare books and manuscripts, and design. The majority of these exhibitors participate in TEFAF Maastricht, Art Basel, Masterpiece London, and Frieze fairs that are the most respected and highest vetted fairs in the world.

COVID -19 interrupted the international art trade for over 19 months limiting dealers’ access without “In Live Person” art fairs which has grown to over 60% of the gallery collector market. Over 300 major fairs and biennales were shuttered for 2020-21. To survive and prosper, galleries must maintain contact with existing and potential clients. Online initiatives have not replaced person-to-person sales. There is no greater concentration of major art clients in the United States than exists in the Palm Beaches and South Florida during the winter season. Recognizing that reality, major art powers such as Pace, Acquavella, Paula Cooper, and many other international galleries as well as Sotheby’s have established a permanent presence in Palm Beach this year.

The Lester’s recognize the potential of this extraordinary market. They have established the highly respected Palm Beach International Art and Antique Fair in 1997, which became one of the most successful fairs in the world before its sale in 2001. Dealers were successful in growing their US art collector base in the Palm Beaches each year.

The Palm Beach International Art Fair will host approximately 60 highly respected galleries exhibiting carefully curated exhibitions. Attendees will be selected and invitations are curated by the participating dealers and extended by the organizers. Respected curators from major museums are invited along with their important trustees.

The US market has made a speedy economic recovery. Recent articles report that the top 2-20% of top income earners had a 35% increase in their wealth in 2020- 2021. Nowhere is more evident of this than in South Florida where 44 billionaires (32 in Palm Beach) and over 496,971 multimillionaires reside.

“America is Flush with Cash” the wealthy got wealthier during COVID READ MORE:

The Palm Beach market has grown significantly in the last decade. Home now to over 81 hedge funds who moved their headquarters from Connecticut, New York, Mass. And New Jersey to better serve this growing market and to take advantage of Florida tax laws eliminating corporate personal state taxes for their employees. In the last two years, major tech companies once located in Silicon Valley have also joined this move to the sunshine state where the right to work laws eliminates worker unions.

The fair will be held at the Palm Beach County Convention Center, which has received independent certification by the GBAC Star Accreditation for COVID-19 safety and sanitation. Collectors will have the option to Private Exhibition day and hours throughout the run of the fair. Invitees will be sent invitations by their respective dealer during these private viewing hours to enhance their fair experience.

The event will be deluxe in all forms. The fair will offer full luxury services; valet parking, champagne and caviar bar, and light fare throughout the day. There will be a full collector lecture and film series program. A very select Vernissage will take place on Feb. 3, 2022.

The Organizers have arranged convenient hotel accommodations at the Hilton Hotel directly adjoining the convention center which has also received GBAC Star Accreditation for COVID-19 safety and sanitation. Other options are available for participating dealers at favorable pricing.

For further information, please contact Lee Ann Lester llester@nextlevelfairs.com +1 239.272.6716


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