Jorge Gutierrez, Curator & Art historian,
Contributing Editor, Latin American Art Magazine

In the past decade the classic art market model, based on transactions in galleries, is increasingly governed by the art spread and economic model of art fairs. International fairs act as a crucial platform for galleries and artists to make their presence known, exchange timely information sell their works, and forge links with the art industry’s major players, which they may not have been able to engage with otherwise. The art fairs are the 21st century model for the convergence, exchange, and networking of dealers, collectors, artists, art lover’s investors, curators and critics in a global art market that achieved total sales of more than $64 billion in 2016.

Within this thrilling context of the arts, committed to redefining outmoded codes of conventional art fairs, ArtPalmBeach 2018 offers an innovative, diverse and immersive panorama to reconnect the public with art, the market and updated knowledge. As pioneers in the field, Next Level Fairs with over 28 years in the business, know what it takes to run art fairs that thrive.

ArtPalmBeach 2018 is to be more than just a five-day fair; collectors can expect a range of exclusive events all year long. Access to a series of over 35 coordinated satellite events in the county’s surrounding art districts. The State of the Arts conference series featuring why digital marketing is integral to the success of art dealers and galleries in an ever-changing online world.

ArtPalmBeach is considered the most influential contemporary art fair on Florida’s Gold Coast by both critics and art enthusiasts, with over 80 international galleries exhibiting contemporary, modern and emerging artists. ArtPalmBeach 2018 is to be a cutting-edge art venture dedicated    to forging breaking new opportunities for art collectors, dealers, artists, art lovers, art collectors and corporate sponsors to discover each other and form powerful creative partnerships. With relevant galleries, special programs, knowledge-based experiences, parties, art talks, global art experts, art sales and the participation of major corporate sponsors with an energized audience presence, the fair is to be a huge success.

Among the featured artists of the art fair is renowned contemporary creator Jose Bedia. An artistic asset of South Florida and the Americas. The extraordinary artistic legacy of Jose Bedia goes beyond the contributions of the Cuban and Latin American modernist vanguard, of crossing and merging movements and styles between the western and peripheral artistic experiences. Bedia’s contemporaneity incorporates a multitude of cultural influences, each enclosing upon the other in various developments of power, loss, and production. His work is a pertinent manifestation of humanity’s current state of cross-cultured global conflicts and realignments.

Some years back, Thom Collins, current Director of the renowned Barnes Collection in Philadelphia stated: “The incredible melding of cultural ideas and symbols in José Bedia’s work has a special resonance in the distinctly diverse Miami community. Where so many nationalities, races, heritages, and religions come together and Bedia, himself, lives.”

An essential contemporary artist whose brilliant and substantial artistic achievements position him as one the most recognized and respected creators of art from the second half of the 20th century to present day. Jose Bedia will be honored as the recipient of this year’s Visionary Award at ArtPalmBeach for outstanding contributions to contemporary art.

An art fair is an exclusive event to accelerate the transnational exposure of all artists represented. From different trends, times, movements, price range and approaches. ArtPalmBeach with its customized programming, networking with exhibitors from outside the usual fine-art circles, incorporating data-based information, and offering attendees a discovery-oriented experience, the fair will become an art experience beyond the conventional fair model which is intimidating to people who did not grow up with art.

Its global character will also bring an unprecedented selection of works from what abstract expressionist artist Nela Arias-Misson considers among her most important series. Artworks that portray, a highly innovative way, in which the artist conceptualized her paintings and objects. All created in New York, Europe, and South Florida.

As with artist Carmen Herrera, the works of Nela Arias-Misson unveils a critical Latin-American born artist, as the only outside artist to be part of the most essential American modern art movement: the Abstract Expressionism.

Beyond the intense program of activities, galleries, curators, artists, key lectures and digital knowledge at hand, for the seasoned collector and the emerging art investor. ArtPalmBeach is the fair with a prevailing spirit of intersectional collaboration. Representing a confluence of events and exhibitions that will make West Palm Beach and the Gold Coast the art Mecca, providing participant galleries, artists and art investors a long-term and sustainable option, within the regions art fairs.

Ahead of the art fair, the Palm Beach Art Week Museums will offer within just a few minutes’ drive from the Palm Beach Convention Center an abundance of art treasures. After visiting the fair plan your trip to include: Norton Museum’s newest expansion and unique exhibitions; the Society for the Four Arts art exhibitions musical concerts and sculpture gardens. Enjoy Afternoon Tea in Flagler’s 19th century Whitehall Mansion; Armory Center’s Deco design art center; and no visit would be complete without the Historical Society’s architectural trolley tour. Mark your calendar for the upcoming exhibitions at the Boca Raton Museum among many other cultural experiences.

While ArtSynergy keeps Palm Beach residents and visitors engaged with events all year-long, the one attendees are especially excited about is Palm Beach Art Week, Art Synergy’s exclusive partnership with Next Level Fair’s ArtPalmBeach. Each night of the fair, the city will be rife with an array of events for fairgoers and locals to enjoy. With nine unique art districts to explore, each bringing its flavor to the soon-to-be-released roster of events complementing the fair, visitors will have many corners of Palm Beach to explore.

ArtSynergy began with a group of creatives with a desire for change. Now a full-fledged organization set on expanding the reach and rhythm of Palm Beach’s art scene.

The Next Level Fairs team thrives planning each art fair as a dynamic evolving experience, where the participants can decide how much to spend with the artworks not wandering but acting in an enriching visit, whether a first-timer to art or an experienced collector. So as the world experiences a dramatic shift away from an impulsive in-person buying experience, towards a retail experience that is primarily informed by or even dependent on a gallery’s digital presence, digital marketing has become a must-have for business owners across industries.

This year, ArtPalmBeach is going digital. Next Level Fairs will be bridging the gap between art and technology with the introduction of their latest conference, State of the Arts. Participants can rest assured that they will leave feeling well-equipped to take their business to the next level, and meet the demands of a digital age

In today’s technology and market-driven scene, ArtPalmBeach 2018 re-invents itself to embrace the best of the art world. From curated events, through innovative structures that include form knowledge-technology experiences, art talks, lectures, art books and video, first-hand encounters with curators, artists and critics, to public art projects and performances. We take the best from museums, public art, biennials, galleries, universities, financial markets, and technology, making the art fair experience far more multifaceted, enhanced and diverse than traditional approaches.

For ArtPalmBeach 2018, masterpiece or not, what ultimately counts is if an artwork can grip your attention, the rest is to be part of the breathtaking experience of approaching and collecting art.

Photo credit: Ignacio Goitia, The Pantheon Society  (2017) Acrylic on Canvas 250 x 1980 CM, Dot 51 Gallery, Miami