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With over 28 years in the industry and over 150 successful fairs held around the world, Next Level Fairs is a leading authority in the arts communities of Palm Beach, Boca Raton, and more. Our expertly curated fairs bring the world’s elite artists under one roof to exhibit their works and inspire. More than your average art fair, our fairs are accompanied by a lineup of stimulating lectures, events and workshops that fairgoers and residents alike can enjoy.

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Art Palm Beach Articles

ArtPalmBeach 2018 Highlights in Latin American Art Magazine Spanish translation

ArtPalmBeach 2018 Highlights Spanish translation    Jorge Gutiérrez, curador e historiador de arte, editor colaborador En la década pasada, el modelo del mercado del arte clásico, basado en las transacciones en galerías, está cada vez más gobernado por el modelo de arte y el modelo económico de las ferias de arte. Las ferias internacionales actúan […]

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Art Palm Beach in Latin American Art Magazine

Jorge Gutierrez, Curator & Art historian, Contributing Editor, Latin American Art Magazine In the past decade the classic art market model, based on transactions in galleries, is increasingly governed by the art spread and economic model of art fairs. International fairs act as a crucial platform for galleries and artists to make their presence known, exchange […]

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Special Project: ArtCity

“ArtCity” will transform the concept of the art fair as a new urban art experience. Street art murals stretched throughout the fair,  gastro pubs, wine gardens, music cafes, art performances & videos are designed to draw collectors to a new art experience and engagement.    Within this thrilling context of the arts, committed to redefining outmoded […]

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