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State of the Arts: Latin American Art in the U.S

Many of today’s most recognized and revered Latin American artists including Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, José Clemente Orozco, Rufino Tamayo, and Carlos Mérida, as well as numerous others, received their first important recognition in the United States through the stalwart efforts of their dear friend, American artist and critic, Walter Pach (1883-1958). At this ArtPalmBeach lecture, attendees will get an in-depth look at history’s most iconic Latin American artists, and the American critic who helped bring them to prominence.

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After Irma: The Recovery of Florida Art Museums

After Hurricane Irma hit Florida and continued to churn north into Georgia, causing even more destruction, the Sunshine State’s arts institutions begin to plan repairs and re openings. The category-five hurricane, which recorded wind speeds of 185 miles per hour, was one of the strongest storms to ever traverse the Atlantic basin. While it wreaked havoc in the Caribbean, leaving at least thirty-eight dead, it was downgraded to a category one storm by the time it landed in Florida (

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Picture Perfect Partner: Palm Beach’s Photographic Centre

A long time partner of ArtPalmBeach and a stalwart fixture in the Palm Beach landscape since 1986, the Palm Beach Photographic Centre has had a long-established rapport with the city’s art community. Created as a non-profit arts resource, its founders Art and Fatima Nejame set out to service their communities in more ways than one – with a dedicated museum, school and photo supply store, the Nejames have given Palm Beach residents everything they could need to enjoy and take part in, the digital and photographic arts.

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Together Again: ArtSynergy and APB to Curate this Years’ Palm Beach Art Week

While ArtSynergy keeps Palm Beach residents and visitors engaged with events all year-long, the one attendees are especially excited about is Palm Beach Art Week, Art Synergy’s exclusive partnership with Next Level Fair’s Art Palm Beach. Each night of Art Palm Beach, the city will be rife with an array of events for fairgoers and locals to enjoy.

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Artist Feature: Jose Bedia

The extraordinary artistic legacy of Jose Bedia goes beyond the contributions of the Cuban and Latin American modernist vanguard, of crossing and merging movements and styles between the western and peripheral artistic experiences. Bedia’s contemporaneity incorporates a multitude of cultural influences, each enclosing upon the other in multiple developments of power, loss, and production.

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State of the Arts: The Demands of a Digital Age

This year, Art Palm Beach is going digital. Next Level Fairs will be bridging the gap between art and technology with the introduction of their latest conference, State of the Arts. The conference will encourage gallery owners to embrace digital marketing tactics as a means to enhance their profitability during a time when many business owners are struggling to stay afloat.

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Inventive Minimalism with Roger Ferris

ArtPalmBeach 2017 will present: “Inventive Minimalism,” a lecture by Roger Ferris. Recognized as a residential and commercial architecture world leader, Roger Ferris engages in such a wide variety of projects scales he stand apart from most other practices offering similar services.

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Keith Williams: Outdoor Design and Sculpture

West Palm Beach resident, Keith Williams, is a partner and one of the lead designers of Nievera Williams, one of the country’s leading architectural firms. His extensive experience in planning and developing landscape has landed him major projects for Residential Estates, Civic and Community Parks, Corporate and Institutional Campuses, and Resorts and Hotels.

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The Other Dimension

Antuan Rodriguez’s multimedia project, “Left to Right, makes a poignant political statement; as is expected from someone who finds freedom after fleeing the negative environment of a constricting regime.

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100+ Degrees in the Shade

an exhibition organized by guest curators noor blazekovic irreversible magazine an jane hart lemon-sky projects and editions


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