Art Boca Raton 2017 opens its doors on March 15, ushering in the fairs second edition. Following up the tremendously successful inaugural year, Art Boca Raton’s second annual fair promises to deliver with world-class contemporary, modern, and cutting edge art from a premier selection of international galleries. Guests and collectors to the fair can experience some of the greatest modern masters along with being introduced the freshest new artists.

Andy Warhol, Karen Kain, 1970

Unique colorprint I Masterworks Fine Arts

Andy Warhol, Karen Kain, Unique, Masterworks, Oakland CA

Pop art master Andy Warhol’s works will be on view at Masterworks Fine Arts, a gallery out of Oakland, CA. Masterworks Fine Arts curators an impressive selection of some of the greatest pop and modern artists, including Roy Lichtenstein and Sam Francis. However, Warhols colorful portriats of celebrities and friends are too eye-catching to resist.

Niloufar Banisadr, Dieu et mon droit, 2016

Photograph, limited edition I 55 Bellechasse

The Tehran born Iranian artist Niloufar Banisadr creates narrative with her photography, often staged or over-imposed on other works. Her pieces are contrasted yet harmonious, they are aesthetically placed and the artist speaks of herself as an Iranian woman through her work. When asked about her position as an Iranian female artists, Banisadr responded: “Here, in the western world, as soon as you are introduced as an Iranian artist, people expect controversial attitudes, and sometimes look for something negative; but in a certain way, we are proud of our country, proud of its history and its culture, that is so strong today. All is not perfect in our country, but art should and may breed elevation, not controversy.


Christopher H. Martin, Aria Chroma Discs, 2017

acrylic on acrylic I Christopher Martin Gallery

Christopher H. Martin, Aria Chroma Discs, 2017, acrylic on acrylic, 24 to 48 in. diameters

The serene, captivating large-scale works of Christopher Martin are calming yet captivating with their soft palettes and electric movements. Martin credits his success and his ability to express transcendence through his works to his signature technique “verre églomisé”, a reverse glass painting practice, which is accomplished by working on the back plane of Lucite surfaces. This, the artist claims, accounts for the depth and luminosity achieved in his works, and allow for their mediative effect on the viewer.




Pablo Picasso, Femme Au Grande Nez en Raccourci, 1971

Etching on Drypoint I Imaginart Gallery

Picasso, Pablo, Femme Au Grand Nez En Raccourci, Sur La Plage, 1971, etching and drypoint, 46 x 56,5 cm

Imaginart Gallery, a premier fine art gallery based on of Barcelona, Spain, exhibits world-class secondary market and cutting edge artists from around the world. Apart from their spectacular works from Picasso, their Latin American and Spanish art selection is not to be missed. The list of artists being shown are not new names, and include Joan Miró, Keith Haring, and Julio Le Parc, whose work currently is the center of an exhibition of the Perez Art Museum of Miami.


Nelson de la Nuez, Chanel Shoppers

Mixed Media on Canvas I Evan Lurie Gallery

Nelson de la Nuez, Chanel Shoppers. Mixed Media on Canvas


Nelson de la Nuez’s fun, witty pieces, are filled with familiar pop icons and images that are easily identifiable and relatable. With this and their subtle messages on bright colored canvases have helped cement Nuez as one of the most collected living artists. The Cuban-Born artists works are a commentary on society, as much as they are bright and light pieces of works to enjoy.










Art Boca Raton Opens for the public on March 16, 11am-7pm. Hours Through the Saturday, March 18 are 11am-7pm. Hours Sunday, March 19 are 11am- 6pm