Joy Hepburn, Bold Beauty Project

Art Boca Raton 2017 is proud to once again count among its exhibitors The Bold Beauty Project. During their impactful Art Palm Beach 2017 exhibition, visitors flooded their booth to view their photographs chat with the amazing models, and learn about their initiative.

Envisioned in 2006 as Uncensored Life: Raw Beauty, this is unique photography show benefiting the Center for Independent Living, features women with varying disabilities. Through a powerful combination of their personal stories and stunning photographs, the project brings awareness to their amazing spirits, sensuality, and boundless strength. These visual arts works present viewers with the unique opportunity to alter their perceptions of beauty.

Shelly Baer, a licensed clinical social worker; and Vanessa Silberman, active in Public Relations conceived this powerful project with the ultimate goal of creating a tale of women

Bold Beauty Project

with disabilities that shatters preconceived paradigms of beauty. Through social media, The Bold Beauty Project is developing a global community; becoming role models for other women who feel disheartened and isolated by the narrow perception portrayed by conventional media. In partnership with a variety of photographers, the process is generating imagery that transforms the models as much as it does viewers.

The model is being replicated in 2017 in Philadelphia with Moss Rehab/Einstein Healthcare’s collaboration. With the support of local models, photographers, and communities, the Bold Beauty Project looks forward to showing in many other cities in 2018 and beyond; continuing their mission of making all women feel bold and beautiful.

by Fatima Canovas